5 Design Tips for FEBRUARY

In the month of February at SoFlo Home Design in West Palm Beach, FL it has been unusually warm.  Our friends in the north have been overwhelmed by winter storm after winter storm to no avail;  So,  the design tips for this month are going to focus on how to make your home feel warmer while you are stuck inside.

1.)  My first design tip which offers tranquility and also a beach feel would be to add some beach sand under your desk.  You can pretend to bask in the array of your computer monitor glare while running your toes through warm grainy sand 😉  Lets hope your not close to a window or the reality of winter outside.

sand 1

Very Comfortable Under Desk Sandbox

2.)  Secondly an inside herb garden would be a super fresh approach to add oxygen and organics to your kitchen or room application.  Many fresh herbs can be grown inside with a small amount of natural light or halogen light from high hats through out your home.

indoor garden

Indoor Wall Garden

3.)  The third thing I like and always design with is a bottle of Argo Tea (The Honey and Lemon).  This tea comes from Chicago, IL and it can be served hot or cold.  It is all natural and has the most super fresh ingredients you have ever tasted!  There is really no iced or hot tea like Argo Tea.  You will not find it anywhere in Florida but it is a prerequisite beverage to a good design.

Argo tea


4.)  Fourth I’m going to have to say is a bed suspended from the floor.  Every time I venture up north the coldest thing inside the house is the floor.  These elevated hammock style beds are super comfortable and add a unique eclectic look to any lounge or sun room.

suspended bed


5.)  The fifth and final design tip for February is going to have to be an integrated towel warmer in the bathrooms.  This is one of the most ideal pieces of a function able design in any home that experiences the seasons.  The heated towel warmer makes sure your towel or garments are crisp and warm after exiting the shower or bath.

towel warmer


Guest Blogger-Erik Wietholter

Owner at SoFlo Home Design


Let me know what you think!

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