Local Love

Well dinner has come and go and I still have the lasting memory of a very delectable dish in my mind.  It is a food that soothes the soul and is always accompanied by a glass of red wine of your choosing.  Of course I am talking about the handmade gnocchi labored and loved by Chef Roberto Villegas; Owner on Table 427 in Northwood Village.  On any given night you can catch Chef Roberto in action preparing an item off of his “made from scratch” menu.  I try and sneak a bite at Table 427 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at least once a week;)  If you are looking for a diamond in the rough with spectacular continental culinary quality Chef Roberto and Table 427 is the place to be.  Oh did I mention his wife makes home made flan; WOW!  You might even catch me and my employees breaking down a dance move while live music is performed on the weekends.  All in all we have to thank the staff at Table 427 for their generous Everything!  This is a must try in Northwood Village!

Roberto, Maria, Roberto Jr. Villegas


Table 427 Northwood Village


The Best Gnocchi in West Palm Beach

With a handshake,

Erik Wietholter



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