5 Things I’m Obsessed With For September

1.)  Celluon Magic Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard~ This virtual keyboard has really caught my eye since one of the people in my building was using one.  It features a quick connect to practically any computer or tablet.  It is a compact and easy to use laser projected keyboard and mouse.  The thing that is so neat about it is that it connects wirelessly to any blue tooth device any away you go.  A super space saver and a new wave electronic device of the future!


Electronics of the future


2.)   Gamago Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray~ When all your friends around you make it rain, you can make it snow with the Cold Hard Cash Ice Tray.  This fun little ice cube maker freezes little $100 bills into ice cubes.  A great accent piece for a happy hour glass or that elitist that has to have everything in the shape of money.


Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Tray


3.)  Brass Tic Tac Toe Set~  This cool little Tic Tac Toe Set by Jonathan Adler is a great show piece to an end table and comes in handy for those rainy days.  With its contemporary accent, this game is a must have for the chic home owner.


Jonathan Adler Tic Tac Toe

4.)  Phillips Microbial Home Bio-Luminescence~  This design piece is formulated to be a very sustainable light source at the same time being an intriguing piece of art.  I love the individual cells that form the art piece.  Inside each cell encompasses microbial bacteria producing bio-luminescent light.  This project is still in the beginning stages but when they master the bio-luminescence aspect for longevity, everyone should have some sort of this design in their house.

Philips Microbial

Bio-Luminescence Art by Phillips


5.)  Antique Nautical Boat Lighting~  Recently, everywhere I go to find unique design objects I run into nautical lighting.  I am super in love with the sheen of aged brass and blown glass bulb shades.  These have so many practical applications such as vanity lighting for #Bathrooms or ceiling replacement fixtures.  We just designed a mirror for one of our clients #BathroomRemodels with the exact lights pictured.  It came out super  and added that orange burn of mid-century lighting.


Nautical Lighting West Palm Beach, FL


There you have it…my 5 obsessions for the month!  See, now you are loving them too!! Share my blog to obsess with your friends!

Guest Blogger: Erik Wietholter

Owner of SoFlo Home Design.  A boutique Kitchen & Bath Design Company in West Palm Beach, FL


Let me know what you think!

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