Pin of the Month

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and all I could think about was banana nut bread and apple cider.  I know…weird….but relevant.  (=  That also got me thinking about Autumn in New England and how it is time to harvest nature’s bounty.  Then I decided that if I still lived in Boston, I would become a canner.  Is that even a word??  The point of this odd (but still awesome) Pin of the Month is that we should take advantage of the yummy things in harvest no matter where you are in the country.  So I have included a list of 50 canning recipes for your delight! Click here to tickle your taste buds. Wait…you have never canned before?? neither.  So click here for a step by step tutorial.  Now you will become an expert canner and enjoy your apple-cranberry, pickled salsa, pumpkin puree reserves all year-long!  You’re welcome and happy Fall Y’all!!





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