Local Love

So…..If you want me to be nice to you in the morning, give me coffee first.  I take no responsibility for what might come out of my mouth before I have my cup of joe.  Like so many people, I like Starbucks coffee.  I would even say that I love Starbucks coffee.  But what I love more is supporting small businesses.  So when I heard about a local coffee shop around the corner from Starbucks, I had to check it out.   My initial thought was “Oh, I’ll be good and have a coffee and give them a high five for their efforts and move along”.  Then, I tasted their coffee.  YUM and double YUM!!!  This coffee is so good that I don’t even need extra creamer or tons of sugar.  Honestly, I am a bit of a flavor craver.  For the longest time I was only ordering vanilla lattes.  Now, Habatat has converted me back to good ole tasty coffee!habatat coffee 2

Who is Habatat Coffee?  First let me say the atmosphere is so welcoming and warm and I always feel like Sean (the super fabulous owner/barista), is genuinely happy to see me.  Not the fake “Good morning, what can I get you?”.  But instead he says things like, “I like that kitchen you tweeted about yesterday”.  Or “Let me introduce you to so and so, he owns the new business downtown and you guys should chat.” Habatat creates a space where you can enjoy amazingly fresh coffee and meet great people as well.  I am a big social media person and I am always reaching out to local people and trying to connect them to others and create a sense of community online.  I can honestly say that Habatat is a mecca for local movers & shakers in the community.  I have met so many business owners, community leaders and just downright nice people there.  I even use Habatat as my morning meeting spot instead of my own showroom (where I have free coffee.)


Ok–so clearly I am a fan.  Let me give you a little background on this local spot.  Sean and Natalie Scott opened Habatat Coffee Company a little over a year ago.  They share the space with Sean’s brother, Jay Scott who owns Habatat Galleries.  You literally walk into this gorgeous art gallery full of exquisite glass sculptures that instantly get your creative juices flowing.  It’s a perfect combination of beauty and community brought together by coffee.   “Habatat Coffee Shop is dedicated to serving the freshest organic, direct-trade coffee from Counter Culture Coffee – all cups are rated at 85 points or higher in quality”.-www.Habatacoffee.com  Stop by 539 Clematis St. and enjoy great coffee and great conversation like I do every week.

Habatat Coffee Company Habatat-Coffee-Bar1

Hours are Mon-Fri. 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat. 8 a.m.-5p.m. with varying evening hours for special events.

For more information on Habatat Coffee Company, visit facebook.com/habatatcoffee or call (561) 832-3787.

So show some local love and say Hello to Sean & Natalie and enjoy the best cup of coffee in West Palm Beach!


XXXOOO- Jamie Janson

Designer & Owner of SoFlo Home Design in West          Palm Beach, Fl 33401

Image credits: Habatat Coffee Company


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