Kitchen Tips

Thinking about renovating your home can sometimes be overwhelming. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and is the smartest way to get the biggest bang for your buck! Here are a few expert tips to help you in this process.  Exploring choices is kind of like building a puzzle from the ground up.  Depending on the scale of your remodel include or exclude some of these steps.

The first thing you want to choose is your flooring making sure it fits your needs.  For example will it resist wear to pets or high traffic areas while at the same time keeping its luster?  How do you clean it?  My tip for you is to make sure its installed UNDER your cabinets, not stopping at the cabinet.


Kitchen ideas west palm beach fl


The next thing to choose is your door color and wood species since they will sit on top of your new or existing flooring. Design is a study in contrast and you want to start the contrast from the floor up. So if your floor is a medium beige tile, then choose a light cabinet color to contrast and stand out against the floor.


Kitchen design ideas west palm beach FL


Now you are ready to start thinking about your counter top.  There are so many options from granite to quartz that it can make your head spin.  Things to consider are: Is it stain resistant?  Can I sit hot pans on it?  Can I use regular cleaners like Windex on it?  Once you determine your needs in a counter-top, your options will get easier.  A quartz is great for being stain resistant and germ free, but you have to be careful when placing hot pans on it.  Granite is porous and can be damaged by using the wrong cleaner on it, but it holds up nicely to hot items.  Speaking with a professional will help you determine the best counter for your family.

Kitchen counter tops

Kitchen ideas west palm beach fl


Finally, let’s talk back splash.  I highly recommend a back splash you can easily clean in case food happens to splash up while cooking.  With options from ceramic tile to glass to mirrors, there are endless ways to be creative.  Pinterest is a great tool to see ideas and help narrow down your options.


Kitchen design west palm beach fl

After you have these four ideas together meet with a kitchen designer who can offer suggestions, take measurements, and design you a kitchen that your neighbors will envy!


Kitchen ideas west palm beach fl

XXXOOO- Jamie Janson

Designer & Owner of SoFlo Home Design in West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

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