5 Things I’m Obsessed With For August

1.) XDModo Solar Charger ~ Here is one of my favorite gadgets for the month of August.  I was at a clients house this weekend and asked him what that was stuck to his foyer window.  He insisted on showing me every aspect of this cool new solar charger from XDModo.  After intrigue set in, I did a little research myself.  I found out that annually we use more electricity from our homes charging our cell phones than we use electricity to power our refrigerators and freezers. For those of you who would like to save a little green in both pockets this is a unique option for all of us!


kitchen solar charger

2.)  Smart Refrigerators ~ In some of my past kitchen jobs I have been implementing integrated Refrigerator/Freezer Ideas.  Some of my favorites are the new Samsung models which feature WiFi, Bluetooth, Apps, and offers pretty much every option your smartphone or iPad does.  These smart appliances even keep track of your favorite groceries and alert you when they need to be replaced or are about to expire!


Kitchen Appliance Ideas

3.)  Kitchen Chalkboards ~ I was searching the web last week feeling creative and I stumbled across an addition every kitchen must have!  A chalkboard in the kitchen gives it a little more of a bistro feel and at the same time eliminates that everyday question from the spouse and kids “Whats for Dinner”.  Also, it can be used to write down any necessities needed from the grocery store.  It cleans up easy and can even entertain a bored child while your cooking;)


Chalkboard kitchen idea

4.)  Big Chill Appliances ~ These appliances are a throw back in time;  they offer many popular colors and styles from the 40s,50s, and beyond.  They offer every appliance needed upon completion of a kitchen and the quality is second to none.  They even have color samples they can send you to match other colors in your kitchen.  These appliances add a nice contrast to toned down kitchen cabinets and counter tops.


Big Chill

5.)  KWC Ono Touch Light Pro ~  I have personally installed these ridiculously cool faucets in some of my most prized kitchen and bath remodels.  The KWC Ono Touch Light Pro features maximum minimalism and integrated features that no other faucet offers.  It has the ability to adjust the water temperature and rate of flow with just a one touch feature.  KWC even features small indirect lights to make you visually aware of the water temperature through a transitioning blue to red color light.  If this faucet was reincarnated it would be a Rolls Royce.


KWC Ono Touch Light Pro

There you have it…my 5 obsessions for the month!  See, now you are loving them too!! Share my blog to obsess with your friends!

Guest Blogger: Erik Wietholter

Owner of SoFlo Home Design.  A boutique Kitchen & Bath Design Company in West Palm Beach, FL



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