Local Love

Hello Lovlies~

It’s that time again to show some local love to another favorite place of mine in South Florida.  My choice pick of the month highlights “Deliver Dudes” an amazingly awesome delivery service catering to Palm Beach FL,  Wellington FL, Boynton Beach FL,  Boca Raton FL, Deerfield Beach FL,  and  Delray Beach FL .  Delivery Dudes was revered in the summer of 2009 by friends short on money;  They decided to put their “Two Cents” together and form Delivery Dudes, South Florida’s most exclusive and custom tailored delivery service.  I have personally used these nice gents and ladies for the run of the mill food delivery to actually having them pick-up and deliver multiple arrangements of flowers to encompass my showroom and spike my creative abilities.  On their website http://www.deliverydudes.com they persuade you to come up with your most creative delivery ideas that they will surely satisfy. 

Delivery Dudes really came to the rescue one day while I was on a job site I could not leave.  They advised me of their hidden arsenal of assorted drinks and prepackaged snacks they actually stock at their jump-off point.  This approach eliminates transit time when delivering necessities such as water and the ever so delicious snickers bar!


Delivery Dudes are your crutch when you have a hankering for pretty much anything you can think of,  even a sometimes necessary coffee & donut delivery. They are the fastest and most diverse delivery service I personally have ever used and all of their employees are super nice and courteous.  I will be using Delivery Dudes and ONLY Delivery Dudes next time I cannot leave home and absolutely have to have that tasty treat of my choice!

dd-team-lg-2dd jayson koss 1


Owner of SoFlo Home Design.  A boutique Kitchen & Bath Design Company in West Palm Beach, FL

Photo credits: DeliveryDudes.com


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