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I had the pleasure of attending quite a few design functions over the last month or so.  I heard about all kinds of design trends I thought I would share with my readers.  Here are a few to tickle your fancy!

1.)  Kitchen–More & more designers are adding stools on the INSIDE of the island rather than the outside.  Yes–you are in the middle of the kitchen, but people tend to like to be the center of attention.  This encourages more conversation and involvement in the cooking process.


2.)  Bedrooms-Use pendants that hang from the ceiling instead of a lamp on the night stand.  It creates a dramatic look but yet can be so simple.


3.)  Library-Do you have a huge library built-in that you no loner use because your books are digital?  Well, the way to still use that space is to add a glass front to it and make small modifications to turn it into a wine room or liquor storage.  Glass adds a wow factor and creates a display instead of a bookcase.

4.)  Bathroom-The ever so popular glass enclosure is getting boring.  An easy way to change it up is to eliminate the stainless handle.  Instead have the manufacturer cut out a half-moon shape into the glass and use that as your handle.  It offers a more streamline look and a creative detail that stands out from the rest.

5.)  Kitchen Flex islands are sooooo popular!  A flex island is an island that slides over the existing counter-top when not in use.  It is a space saver.  So when you have a party, you can add space by rolling out the flex island to double your counter and add additional seating.  It makes the island contemporary by adding a second height, but still functional by creating more space.

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I am always looking for new ways to add a little glam to my spaces.  Let yours stand out by making these unique updates too.


Owner of SoFlo Home Design.  A boutique Kitchen & Bath Design Company in West Palm Beach, FL


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