5 Things I’m Obsessed with for July

1.)  DIY Wall Art ~ I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for fun artwork for my walls.  I often change them to create a different feeling in my space.  Buying art can be expensive so finding clever ways to do it yourself is always a plus!  I came across this idea and wanted to share it with you. Click the picture for a step by step tutorial.  Click here for more DIY art ideas.



2.)  Kitchen Island ~ The custom paint on this kitchen island is gorgeous!  When you hear the word “custom” you usually think expensive.  But that’s not always the case.  A smart way to add a custom detail to your kitchen is by stepping it up with your island.  Spend the extra money for a decorative corbel or a chunky leg.   Or even better-get a custom paint job.  I have a local artist I use for my custom paint projects.  He creates these one of a kind, gorgeous pieces that I add to my kitchens to kick it up a notch.

Custom Paint finish

Custom Paint finish

3.)  Lobster Mat ~ Obsessed.  I originally found this little bit of fabulousness on One Kings Lane.  But we all know how those sales end pretty quickly.  So I tracked it down just for you and found it on Amazon. You’re welcome.

5 obsess july 3

4.)  Baby Bedding ~ I looooove fabric.  I love it so much that I taught myself how to quilt.  I love that a quilt allows me to connect all of these beautiful fabrics to make one masterpiece.  I am still perfecting my quilting skills and I can’t  make an entire bedding set like this one.  But I’m working on it.  I’m obsessed with the color combinations and the pattern designs in this collection by Addison’s Wonderland.  I can’t imagine ever buying a baby’s set out of the store.  Mine will definitely be handmade with my specific fabric selections.

Anniston LOVE Baby Collection

Anniston LOVE Baby Collection

5.)  Decanter ~ This olive oil decanter from Mozi is a great way to add color to your kitchen.  It is so simple yet so fabulous! Everyone uses olive oil, so why not make it pretty? By the way…Mozi is my new favorite website.

Olive Oil Decanter

Olive Oil Decanter

There you have it…my 5 obsessions for the month!  See, now you are loving them too!! Share my blog to obsess with your friends!


Owner of SoFlo Home Design.  A boutique Kitchen & Bath Design Company in West Palm Beach, FL


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