Look What I Found!

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock or something, but how did I not know about this website TheSupplemental.com??  I’m loving all of the creative stuff on this site! I have to admit, I am not totally into the coastal look.  Sometimes I feel that people go overboard (lol) and it starts to look like a theme and not a style.  However, I am a HUGE fan of vintage prints.  New York designer Carol Fertig created the Sea Life Collection of colorful plates and trays that are perfect for poolside fun and would be a great accent to a coastal home.  I am thinking about purchasing them to style a kitchen I am working on right now. The colors are so vibrant!

Tray – 19 x 14 $39.95

Tray – 19 x 14

Set of 4 Luncheon Plates 8.5″ Squares $29.95

Set of 4 Luncheon Plates 8.5″ Squares

The last picture is of an installation they did for a private client.  I would definitely choose this wall covering for one of my island clients.  Great taste. Great design.






Let me know what you think!

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