5 Design Tips for June

1.)    Have fun.  Sometimes people get caught up in keeping up with the Jones’s.  Or I often have clients who ask me “what size cabinet did I have there?”.  I always explain that when I do a design for a space I never think about how it looks now.  I don’t measure existing cabinet sizes. I design with a clean slate and open mind.  All I want are the wall measurements and a list of wants & needs from my client. I start the design process with visualizing the new fresh space with my ideas and my thoughts.  I never want to be clouded with the old look or someone else’s layout.  I have fun.  I incorporate things that reflect my client’s personality and style.  I often include quirky ideas that look good and tell a story like this bell.


2.)  Storage.  I always tell my customers that my goal is to give them a stylish kitchen that is also functional.  You can have the wavy glass doors, the funky X wine bottle storage and the metallic backsplash tile.  Just make sure you incorporate some serious storage when you have someone design your kitchen or any space in your home.  Lazy susans are very popular for corner storage.  But my favorite cabinet is this blind corner swing out cabinet.  It is super strong and can hold even your heaviest mixers or pots.  It’s a must in almost all of my kitchen designs.  This pullout is from my favorite cabinet line. Medallion Cabinetry.  I display this in my showroom because its my “wow” factor.


3.)  Re-purpose.  There are so many great ideas on-line that show you images of items being re-purposed.  On the weekends, I often visit my local Goodwill and other thrift stores.  Usually I’m not hunting for anything specific.  But when I spot a piece of furniture that I MUST have, I buy it.  Then I spend some time thinking of a ways to re-purpose it.  Look at this card catalog turned into an entry table.  It’s super cute and now functional.  Genius.


4.)  Go Bold.  Clients often ask me, what is your favorite room to design and why?  My answer-the Powder Room.  Why you ask?  In the Powder Room I can go bold!! Let’s think about it.  It’s a guest bathroom so you aren’t always looking at it.  It’s usually small and has higher ceilings.  It is mostly seen by guests and therefore the perfect place to add drama to your home.  Pick that wild wallpaper with pink  feathers.  Choose that vessel sink in cobalt blue. Pay a little more money to make the vanity glow with LED lights. Go Bold or GO Home!  I love the bold stripes in this Powder Room.  What do you think?


5.) Console.  I found this great link that share 25 ways to decorate an entry table or console.  So I’m sharing the wealth! Here ya go…click away!


image credits: pinterest, bhg.com, apartmenttherapy.com


Let me know what you think!

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