5 Design Tips for May

1.)    Measurements.  I’m a designer, so I measure everything.  There are specific measurements that are helpful and you should try and remember as a homeowner.  So I thought I would share a few.

16-18″ is the best height for a kitchen backsplash.

30-36″ is a good height to hang your pendant light above a counter.

26-28″ is the perfect height for the toilet paper holder.

2.)  Maytag.  May is Maytag month, so if you are looking to purchase new appliances, but have been holding off for a deal, make your purchase this month.  Maytag is offering a $250 rebate on washers and dryers.  They are also offering a 10-15% rebate via a pre-paid credit card on any kitchen appliance.  This savings could be very large depending on how many you need to purchase.  Any retailer that sells Maytag will be offering this deal in May.  I love their French door fridge!

maytag logo

3.)  Apps.  We all have smart phones and download apps to make our life easier.  Here are two design apps that I have and love! Try them out and let me know what you think.

My first choice is the IHandy level.  This app makes it easy  to hang art on  the wall without searching for that long awkward level in your garage.  Simply click on the app and hold it against your wall. It’s instant and light weight.  Very useful when redecorating!


My second choice is Color Snap by Sherwin Williams.  This fun app let’s you take a picture of you favorite rug or dish and then get the closest paint color and also coordinating paint colors to match it. Super fun and handy when you are stumped on paint colors for a room.  Simple take a picture of your favorite item and get a quick match!

color snap

4.)  IKEA.  Yes..I know we all shop there for cheap furniture.  Listen, don’t expect anything here to last for generations to come, but be happy you have a place to get inexpensive pieces to redecorate your home. I don’t recommend buying cabinets, sofa’s or mattress from IKEA either.  But little pieces like chairs, coffee tables, desks, art….these items are great!  Before you take that drive to IKEA, you MUST checkout this awesome website called IKEA Hackers.

Faboulos IKEA Rast Hack-773633

5.)  Window Treatments.  Curtains, window treatments..whatever you call them can be expensive if you have a lot of windows to dress.  Although I tend to always go custom so I can pick out the exact fabric I want and actually design the style myself, most people shop around to find a deal.  I wanted to share 3 sources for ready to buy curtain panels that are priced great.  1. West Elm has panels starting at $34 and they are gorgeous!  2. Pier1 has panels that start around $40.  3. Z-Gallery has panels from $25-$100 that not only look good, but are lined!  If all else fails, call me for custom curtains that tickle your fancy!





Let me know what you think!

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