Local Love

Hello and Happy Friday!!

I am constantly walking or driving around downtown West Palm, City Place and Palm Beach Island.  I am lucky enough to live downtown and this has made me more aware of the beautiful things all around me.  About a year ago, I was leaving City Place and saw these amazing wall murals staring back at me.  I parked my car and got out to take a closer look.

These amazing murals are done by Eduardo Mendieta, graphic designer at Temple Emanu-El.  He designs wall art starting at 110 feet by 25 feet and larger.  That is a massive space!  Eduardo met Raphael Clemente, Director of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, at an Art in Public Places meeting.  With his help, Eduardo has had the opportunity to create murals all throughout downtown.  “The murals have helped to enhance the downtown and are fresh, new, hip and edgy!” ~Ralph Clemente

How it works: Building owners donate their space (walls), people or businesses then sponsor the murals (cash) and Mendieta gets to work!

Eduardo is inspired by graffiti artists such as Dondi and Seen, as well as by 1930s Mexican muralists Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Riviera and David Alfaro Siqueiros.  He hopes to bring awareness to the street art movement and help to revitalize graffiti artists all over.






Now fast forward to today.  The building these murals are painted on is the VentureWorx Building.  My kitchen showroom is now located on the first floor of this beautiful building.  I am so in-love with this art and it inspires me every time I pull into my Kitchen showroom!  What inspires you?



Let me know what you think!

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