Pin of the Month

Hello Lovlies:

Here is my April choice for my series, “Pin of the Month”.  The image is from Pinterest and you can easily  re-pin to add to your own collection.  Today my pinning has taken me to the website for designer Linda Merrill.  Having Boston heavy on my heart and mind, I felt compelled to highlight a New England Decorator.  Linda is known for bringing warmth & elegant beauty to homes across New England including Greater Boston,the South Shore and Cape Cod.

This specific pin by Linda is of the historic Highfield Mansion in Cape Cod.  A team of designers and decorators took on the restoration job of this mansion in 2001-2005.  This picture was from a collection she took and posted to Flickr and Pinterest.  I adore mill-work.  I think when you add moulding to any room, it adds warmth and style.  This specific picture combines the very traditional egg and dart detail with a more modern circular detail.  Designing and installing casing like this is no simple feat.  It takes imagination and detail to make it successful.



I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!



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