5 Design Tips for April

1.)    Glass bottles.   It sounds so simple, right?  By replacing the standard milk jug, wine bottle, or orange juice carton with a glass bottle of your choosing you can add a personal touch to a table setting.  It takes two minutes to transfer the contents and can add color to a table.  Ikea sells a variety of bottles and at a low-cost.

Juice in a glass bottle

Juice in a glass bottle

Wine with a decorated glass bottle

Wine with a decorated glass bottle

2.)    Fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers are a great addition to any room in your home.  I love flowers, but unfortunately I do not have a green thumb.  The flower that I think fits any décor and really can stand alone in its beauty is an orchid.  It’s simple yet elegant.  The good thing is an orchid doesn’t need that much attention.  If you give it a little sunlight and water it every 10 days or so, it will live for months!

Pink orchids

Pink orchids

3.)     Toto.  Not Dorothy’s little dog, but the Japan brand that manufactures amazing bathroom gadgets.  Being a kitchen & bath designer, I am always looking for the best products that offer both style and function.  Toto makes the best toilets in the market.  Toto sells a basic, yet Green model that starts at $275.  They are known for their fancy toilet seats that warm for your comfort and can dry both “seats”.   You have to experience it to believe me.

April washlet_s400


4.)     Architectural salvage.  I always have a vision of how I want a room to look.  The space-planning is easy, the colors come to my quickly, but it’s the final accessories that tell a story and really make me love a space.  Something as simple as a corbel or a door knob really excites me.  I know..call me crazy.  But I love to find architectural details from a local salvage.  You can find amazing things like mantels, doors, stained glass, carved stone, shutters or even furniture.  I shop both local and out-of-state.  Often things can be shipped from out-of-state with little cost.

Doors & windows are great finds at architectural salvages

Doors & windows are great finds at architectural salvages

Re-purposed for a pantry pullout in a kitchen!

Re-purposed for a pantry pullout in a kitchen!

5.)    On-line shopping.  We all do it and there are times when you can find really amazing items and save a lot of money.  I buy jewelry, fabrics, make up and so much more online.  HOWEVER, when it comes to plumbing supplies, cabinet hardware or cabinetry, I highly recommend that you deal with someone local.  Let me explain.  When you are dealing with a renovation, you are dealing with a time line.  Everything has to be on site when your contractor is ready to install it.  I always encourage my clients to shop around and have fun finding faucets or handles.  But if you order online and it doesn’t arrive on time, it will cost you more money because you will be paying for the General Contractor to come back to do the install when it comes in.  I have also had many experiences where the “faucet” is scheduled to be shipped in 7 days and on the 6th day my client gets an e-mail saying it is now on “back-order”.  It’s  nice to order from an expert that can answer your questions in person and to visit a showroom where you can touch and feel the item before buying it.

April shopping online

Stick to jewelry & clothes when on-line shopping



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