“Chip It” by Sherwin Williams

As a Kitchen & Bath Designer it is my job to make all the selections on a project.  I usually start with the cabinet design and once I have a layout down, I choose the fun stuff like door style, stain of the wood, flooring, back splash and soooo much more.  Most of these things come pretty easy to me and I can pull a design together pretty smoothly.  But, there is one area that always makes me scratch my head, and that is choosing paint colors.  I’m not sure what it is about paint that makes me second guess my thought process?  When designing my own home, I often paint squares of colors on the wall and leave them up for like a week before I can commit.  I have had every color you can think of on my walls at some point in time.

So, when I heard about Chip It by Sherwin Williams I was super excited!  Chip It allows you to upload a photo of the room you are working on and  it selects paint colors based on the photo.  Genius right??  I often use Pinterest as a tool to present to my clients.  I upload a photo of my selections to a Board.  Then I use that board to upload to Chip It.  I can then save a image of the paint colors and my selection board together.  It offers a great visual for the client and makes me life soooo much easier!

Selection Board and Chip It paint colors

Chip It!

Chip It!


Have fun with color and let Sherwin Williams help you! Send me pictures where you had fun with paint!

I hope you all enjoy your fabulous weekend!




Let me know what you think!

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