What’s trending in Bath Design right now?

Keeping up with design trends is my job.  So, I had a ton of fun attending the Winter Market in Ft. Lauderdale this week to do just that!  I am seeing so many innovative things in design that I can’t wait to start incorporating these in my new projects!  Here are a list of  bath trends you should take notice of:

Hidden sink drains, towel thongs, free standing decorative sinks for powder rooms, texture or pilowed tile, bold colors, gold tones, digital  shower controls, faucets that look like jewelry, stainless sinks, decorative toilets that look like thrones! And sooo much more!  Here are a few pictures I took that I wanted to share with you.

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing anything you see.

Hidden drain


More towel thongs….


Bold sink that is lit by LED lights


Furniture style sink base


This TOTO toilet has a seat that slide back and up to look like a chair. Then slides down to close lid flat.


I love this faucet and the stainless sink!


A new twist on a medicine cabinet. Functional and chic!


Seriously in-love with this marble vanity! Gorge!!!


Bold citron combined with these stainless fixtures look so Miami !


Black & white will always be instyle!


This gold is perfect for a Palm Beach Powder room!


Pillowed tiles are beautiful and add another dimension to this design.So there you go…..now you are current on the latest and greatest bath trends according to yours truly!  The easiest way to add value to your home is to improve your kitchen or bath.



Let me know what you think!

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