Things I’m Obsessed with in January!

1.  Heather Moore Jewelry:  She designs amazing fine jewelry. “This new collection is not about impulse buy jewelry; it’s about your life, documenting all that is important and remembering what shaped you and who, where and why.  Learning about people’s lives every day is inspiring, hearing stories about joy, sadness, laughter, and all of the above.   When making the charms in the studio, we wonder about the person’s life, and we are moved by their words.”

2.  Clear shoe storage by Shoebby.This is such a smart and inexpensive way to organize your closet.  Their photos are copyrighted so you’re gonna have to go to their site for a peak.  Sorry.

3.  Carpet squares!!  Yes, you pay a little more for them, but think about how easy they are to replace.  Then think about how much fun you can have by mix and matching the colors and patterns! Sooo worth the money in my book.  They look fabulous in a playroom or a living room.  You can use them for an entire house, or just create a modular rug. offers simply to contemporary designs that will suit any interior.  At least check them out for yourself.

4.  This super cute sunburst door bell from Rejuvenation.  So cute and for just $33. It comes in Chrome if brass doesn’t tickle your fancy.

5.  This is the range of my future kitchen.  This appliance is a show stopper all on its own.  The carbon hue is stunning.  The range is by LaCorneusa. This is the 1908 Range from the CornuFe’ Collection.

6. Look at these pretty dessert plates from Target. They are part of the Nieman Marcus Collection.  Under $50 is a great price for high end style with function. They were listed for $39.00 but seem to be on Clearance for only $12.00 if you can find them in store only. That’s a bargain!!!!

7. Obsessed with this perfect kitchen. Red, brass, dark blues, black…classic and soooo ME!

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8.  Leopard Quilt wallpaper…yes please! This wall covering is designed by Brett Design. While you are on their site, look at the Quilt Lizard Latte……simply marvelous!!

9.  Do you want to create an extra work space in your kitchen for baking? Or maybe you need a “kid zone” but don’t have room for it to be on display all of the time?  This layout should solve those problems and more! Any kitchen designer, like yours truly, can create this custom cabinet/table for your kitchen.  All you have to do is ask!

Source: Better Home & Garden Magazine

10. Lastly, I came across this vintage steamer truck inspired night stand by Restoration Hardware.  Its the Marseilles Parchment Open Night stand. It would work nice with a soft French styled bedroom or a city loft as an end table.

I hope you enjoyed things I’m obsessed with in January! What are you loving this month? Send me a pic and a link and maybe I will feature it my post for February.

Have a great weekend!  XXXOO-Jamie


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