Home Facts 101

Home Design Tips

1.) On average, people spend less than 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. ~Market Tools

2.) A 36″ height counter top promotes the easiest access for Americans aged 50 and up. This means you should update those old bathroom vanities to the new 36″ height! ~The Home Depot Survey

3.) An energy star qualified lighting fixture lasts about 9,250 hours LONGER than a typical incandescent bulb. ~Energy Star 

4.) 75% of new and remodeled kitchens installed in the U.S in 2010 featured wood cabinetry (not white laminate interiors). ~NKBA

5.) In 2015 the average home is expected to be 2,330 square feet. ~National Association of Home Builders

6.) 91% of registered voters claim they would pay $5,000 MORE for a house that would use less energy and protect the Earth. ~The American Institute Of Architects

7.) 54% of MOMS spend up to 7 hours each month looking for misplaced items. ~DYMO Labeling Solutions

XXXOOO-Jamie SoFlo Home Design


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