Get to know designer: John Robshaw

If you love the art of fabric-making, you will love John Robshaw’s textile collections! The hands on  immediacy and vitality of textiles dyed, woven and stretched is what makes textile making a fine art! He started block printing as art that he hung on walls to adore.  It wasn’t until a friend stopped by his studio and asked for the “art” in 10 yard increments.  The rest is history!

John’s travels to India, Thailand, and Indonesia (to name a few), have made a huge impact on his work and has allowed him to work alongside local artisans and study their traditional printing methods.  His prints are a reflection of his personal style.  He resides in a Connecticut country home that is filled with antiques, block prints and a chaotic color sense that simply works! His space is inviting and each rooms tells a story from his travels.

“By producing my textiles abroad, I get to become a minor character in the lives of the people I work with, and I can take inspiration from what I see and do there.” ~John Robshaw

Take a look at his collections at Pioneer Linens on Clematis St. in West Palm Beach, FL: or shop online at Pinoeer Linens.


Let me know what you think!

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