Add some Color to your Kitchen!

Two things I love…COLOR and KITCHENS!!!  There are so many great ways to use color in a kitchen that will brighten up your space or make a bold impact.  Color can be used in a big way with painted cabinetry.  Committing to this is sometimes hard to do–but WOW does it make a statement! Or you can paint all of your kitchen walls in a bold color that works great with subtle cabinets and simply countertops.  Paint color is easily changed and you should have fun with it.

Another great way to add color to your kitchen is by using fabric on your chairs or stools instead of just wood.  It’s often easy to pick a stained stool or a metal stool for your kitchen because it’s a no brainer.  You know it will match your kitchen and its easy.  But try to step outside your comfort zone.  Choose a chair with fabric and use that as your accessory in the room. Add color that can easily be changed down the line.

Color can also be added in your backsplash or flooring.  Traditionally people tend to choose neutrals in a backsplash or floor.  But I tend to add a glass or porcelain tile insert with color.  This doesn’t take over the design, it simply enhances the look and shows someone that you put an extra effort in choosing the backsplash.  To add color to your floor you can also use an accent.  Diamond or square inserts can easily create a simple pattern on your floor and offer a dot of color.  Again–simply to do but makes a statement.

Have fun with color and remember…everything can be changed in the future.  That’s why we call it remodeling!  I hope the pictures below inspire you to have fun and enjoy your space.


What colors have you added to your       kitchen?  I’d love  to see photos of what makes your kitchen POP!

As always–you can ask me anything!

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