Gift ideas & Etsy

One of my favorite sites is  It is a site that has everything handmade.  YOu can buy and sell on one site.  Kind of like Ebay except there is no bidding and its all handmade by very talented people.  Etsy has a great tool to give you gift ideas for your friends.  It actually connects to Facebook and based on your friends interests, links you to objects on Etsy they might like.  It is called “Ways To Shop”.  It’s an awesome tool!  I searched for my Facebook friend, Daisey and this is what it came up with:

Ways To Shop

Here are more lovely gift ideas I found on

$36 Iphone cases customized and soooo cute!!

$25 Colorful necklace

$12 Mini Chandelier tree ornament

$179 Beautiful handmade leather tote–LOVE!!!!

$16 Cute & customized key chains

$12 Kit of inspiration to be crafty!

$52 Mid-century hanging lamp

$34 IPad or Kindle sleeve

$20 Funky fiber & wood bangles

$34 Wall candle sconces Seaside Shore collection

$7.95 Baby/Toddler leg warmers~~~darling!!

$84 Pearl and ribbon necklace

$34 Leather change purse

$20 Holiday Moose flask

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