Charming, Old and Historical

Design is all about the details.  I always have a vision of how I want a room to  look.  The space-planning is easy, the colors come to my quickly, but it’s the final accessories that tell a story and really make me love a space.  Something as simple as a corbel or a door knob really excite me.  I me crazy.  But I love to find architectural details from local salvages.  You can find amazing things like mantels, doors, stained glass, carved stone, shutter or even furniture.  I shop both local and out-of-state.  Often things can be shipped from out-of-state with little cost.  Here are a some items I found at a few Architectural Salvages:

To find a directory of architectural salvages near you visit

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photo credits:  Black Dog Salvage in VA, The Loading Dock in MD,,,, and


One thought on “Charming, Old and Historical

  1. Wow, Jamie!
    You have an eye for design. I love the treasures you’ve found while searching at architectural salvages. I didn’t even know places like that existed! Thanks for including a link that will help me find one…very useful information.
    I especially like the 2nd and 4th items you have pictured. Beautiful.
    Looking forward to future ideas.

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