Staging is a great way to make a first impression.  Staging is no longer optional.  We all know that the housing market is up one day, down another.  The competition is fierce and it seems to be a buyers market.  Sometimes your neighbors condo sells instead of your simply because it looked more inviting to the buyer.  Price was almost the same and upgrades were equal.  But what did your neighbor do that you DIDN’T??  Your neighbor invested in a professional to stage their home to make a potential buyer fall in love with it immediately.   Like the old saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

According to Real Estate guru Barbara Corcoran, “Staging increases the homes sale value 5-7% -Staging increases its worth”.  So, the value in staging can potentially pay your realtor fees AND give you new furniture that you can bring to your new home!  Or, you can raise your sale price by selling your home “furnished”.  A furnished condo sells 5 times faster than an empty one.

Some simple tips if you can’t afford a professional (although we are soooo very worth it ❤ )

1.)  Only upgrade the pieces of furniture that you want to take to your new home.  Most people buy a new sofa or new bed–so buy it before you move and use it to your advantage when showing your property.

2.)  A small area rug makes a room look small.  The larger the better.  A perfect size is usually 9×12. Create a cozy space by having each piece of furniture touching the rug.

3.)  Make your space light and bright!  Never show a dark room.  Simply add a table lamp in a dim area.

4.)  Avoid bold patterns.  Period.  Your taste may not be the buyers taste so keep it clean and neutral.

5.)  Use bright neutral wall colors and avoid wallpaper.

6.)  Invest in fresh flowers every time you have a realtor show your home.  $15 can make a big impression.

As always–you can ask me anything!

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