Fabric is Fabulous!!!

My favorite part of a room…(well—I have so many)…so….one of my favorite parts of a room is the fabric!  Fabric is the perfect way to make a space your own and give it a touch of your personality.  I think it is soooo very important to customize dinning room chairs or window treatments or something as simple as an ottoman!

I have two chairs that make my heart skip a beat because they have a little love story attached to them.  I bought these two chairs off of Craigslist from my “now” boyfriend.  I paid for them and as I was loading them into my car, he sent me a little text saying “Had I known you were so beautiful, I would have given the chairs to you for free.  Can I take you to dinner to pay for the chairs?”  And the rest is a love story.  So, I wanted to make sure these lovely chairs stick around and they needed an update.  I had the chairs re-covered, NOT re-upholstered.  This way I can take off the covers and switch out different fabrics when I get bored with the fabric design.  This gives me three chairs in one and I love them!

My Love Chairs

If fabrics are new to you and you want some help with finding the fabulous fabrics; start here:  Mac Fabric, Kravet, House Fabric and www.fabric.com.  Or, do a Google search for Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Daisy Janie, Moda…I could go on and on.

As always–you can ask me anything!

XXXOOO-SoFLo HomeDesign



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